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Pure TV Nostalgia

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Richard Greene as the original "Robin Hood": from the 1950's TV series. You are giving your age away if you remember this!!! This is Episode 31 of Season 1 - "Byzantine Treasure", lasting 24 mins.
1957: "Six-Five Special" and 1959: "Jukebox Jury". The "Six-Five Special" was a British television programme launched in February 1957 when both television and rock and roll were in their infancy in Britain. "Jukebox Jury" was a pop themed panel show, originally produced by BBC television from 1959-1967.
1965: "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe": This is that famous and popular TV series from the 1960's and 1970's with the haunting theme tune. It was repeated for many years after, during the Summer holidays!! After many years of research, I eventually found the first CD soundtrack. Now, thanks somewhat to the poularity of this web site, the whole series was released on tape but more recently on a DVD. These pages have everything you want to know about the series!!
1970: "The Magic Roundabout" was compulsive viewing for children and adults alike at teatime, just before the six o'clock news. The programme was on the screens from 1965 to 1975 and was sadly lamented when it was taken off.
1975: Morph - the little orange plasticine guy first introduced to TV on Tony Harts 'Take Hart' art show. Made by the same people who brought you "Wallace and Gromit" and "Creature Comforts" etc. - "Aardman Productions".
1975: Fawlty Towers is an iconic British sitcom made by the BBC and first broadcast on BBC2 in 1975. Only twelve episodes were ever produced (two series, with six episodes each), but the programme has had a lasting and powerful legacy.
1982: "A Little Peace" (Ein Bisschen Frieden): This was Germany's first winning entry at the Eurovision Song Contest and it is a wonderful song with a profound message of Peace! I think that this song was the inspiration for ABBA's hit "I Have A Dream"!
1982: "I Have A Dream" ABBA: (Initially rcorded in 1979.) I think this is the very best song that Abba ever did!! This version is from the UK show called "The Late, Late Breakfast Show" with Noel Edmonds on 11th. December 1982. ABBA was broadcast live from Stockholm via satellite on the BBC in the UK. Unfortunately this was the last ever public performance by ABBA as a group. "I Have A Dream" in this version has a "cold ending". It was covered by "Westlife" in 1999.
Also on this page is the LAST song ABBA ever recorded: "The Day Before You Came". This is my second favourite song of theirs!!
1983: "The Thorn Birds". In the heyday of the mini-series "The Thorn Birds" virtually ruled the ratings roost. The four-part, 10-hour adaptation of Colleen McCullough's massively popular novel ranks second only to "Roots" as the most-watched mini-series of all time. Set in Australia between 1920 and 1962, the epic drew protests for its depiction of an ambitious Catholic church (Richard Chamberlain) falling in love with a beautiful woman (Rachel Ward). This clip is of Ralph meeting Meggie on the beach.....
1985: "Band Aid" and "Live Aid":This was one of the most spectacular events of the 1980"s, set up to illeviate the worst famine in living history! Who, in the world, doesn't know the song "Do They Know It's Christmas Time?"
1990: "Twin Peaks" was compulsive viewing and the series seemed to go on for ever! It's all about Laura Palmer returning home and then being found dead, wrapped in plastic, and the town of Twin Peaks falls apart. This clip features footage from both television seasons and the feature film, "Fire Walk With Me".
2000: "Eastenders" is a popular and award-winning television soap opera, first broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC1 on 19 February 1985 and still going strong 20 years later!! Check out this short video from the height of Janine’s evil fame: the infamous scene where she pushes Barry off a cliff.
2008: The last of "Grange Hill". This was a British television drama series originally made by the BBC. The show began in 1978 on BBC1 and was one of the longest running programmes on British television. On 6th. February 2008, it was announced that Grange Hill would be cancelled after 30 years. The final episode was shown on 15th. September 2008. This is a compilation of photos etc. from the series.
2008: "Blue Peter" celebrated 50 years on 28th October 2008, the exact date the very first programme was aired!! Here is that famous “Elephant” episode from way back! Also on this page are all the signature tunes from this programme from 1958 to 2008.
"Life In The Good Times" is a page dedicated to all those people who SURVIVED the 1960's, 
  1970's and 1980's and to those who want to know what it was really like in those days!!!!
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