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This first letter was in reply to a request I made after hearing the opening titles music in a 1990 TV advert for Baked Beans where Robinson Crusoe was stranded on a desert island with tins and tins of Baked Beans. I think Frank Bruno, the boxer, was starrring in it! This music had been haunting me for many, many years and here it was again, in 1990, twenty-five years later!!

From:- HP Foods Ltd.
29th. May 1990.

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your recent letter and enquiry regarding the theme music for our "Robinson Crusoe" commercial.

The title of the music is "Robinson Crusoe" written by G. P. Reverberi and Robert Mellin and produced by Franco London Music. It was published by EMI in the '60s. We understand that there is not a record available on general release but that there may be plans for one in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Senior Product Manager,

I made lots and lots of enquiries after this and at the end of 1991 I located a tape in our local music library of the Theme Tune of Robinson Crusoe. It was by a group called "The Art of Noise" and was on their tape "The Ambient Collection." [LP: 843-403-1; Tape: 843-403-2; CD: 843-403-4; ©1990 China Records Ltd. Distributed by Polydor.]
So all I had was side 2, track 5, which was their own rendition of the Main Theme and I really wanted the Opening and Closing Titles as well!

Many people had their memories jogged by that Baked Beans advert and SILVA SCREEN RECORDS managed to track down the composer of the music in New York who had kept the original soundtracks. These tracks were in Italy and in the warm dry climate they had survived all those years. So "Silva Screen" put together a compilation CD of some of the music but all this was unknown to me at the time.

I remembered that the series was shown on BBC TV so in 1991 I wrote them a letter and this was the reply:-

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter of 31st. December 1991 regarding the music for "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe" [1965] and the HP advert [1990].

According to our records, the same music was used for both and was composed by Reverberi and Mellin. I think confusion has arisen from the "Art of Noise" album to which you were reffered.

There is a track on the album called "Robinson Crusoe" but by judging from its production date it must be a different work or at least a modern re-mix of the original.

However, the original soundtrack music does seem to be available on a cassette produced by Silva Screen and distributed by Conifer, cassette no. FILM C 705. If you still have problems obtaining this locally, I do know the Dean Street Records, who specialise in soundtracks, stock a cassette of the music. [58 Dean Street, London, W1, tel 0171 437 4500]

Alternatively you could try Silva Screen directly [261 Royal College Street, London, NW1 9LU, tel: 0171 284 0525].

I hope this will be the right music and will prove the end of your 27-year search!

Yours sincerely,


You can imagine how quickly I got in touch with Silva Screen Records to purchase the CD in 1992, almost two years since the original CD had been launched, and 27 years since I had first heard that music!!


[1995] I set up my own web site this year, “David’s Emporium”, and among other pages I included “The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe” with the hope of helping other people who were still searching for the origins of that haunting theme tune from the series to find the music. I’m getting lots of visitors and many are now buying the CD and remaining cassette tapes.

[1997] The original 1990 CD is replaced with a newer version [and a new cover] which includes nine new tracks, including a new "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe: Suite". Also, two tracks have new material added. Altogether there is 32 minutes of new material. Apparantly an original  music tape was found and was remastered by Mark Ayres.

Apparently "Franco London Films" went into liquidation in the early 70's and there are many legal wranglings about rights etc.  Wouldn't it be great to have the series on VIDEO TAPE? I later found out that the BBC dumped the tapes in a skip during a clear-out years ago but now an original tape has been found in France!! (Maybe it never got the skip after all!!)

[1999] The Video is now available on tape!!!

[March 2001] The Latest Rolo TV advert has, with no doubt, rekindled fond memories yet again of this memorable TV series.

[late 2002] The video is sold out and out of print! But a DVD Company (Network) has obtained a rather grotty original 16mm print with combined mag soundtrack from the distributor in France as it was the only English version in existence. Apparently the BBC failed to return the original 35mm. film to the distributors and threw it out in a skip along with other films. The 16mm. version is now being remastered for DVD so watch these pages in 2003!

[2003] There is no news about the remastered DVD from the 16mm print!

[February 2004] The information above was provided by a source at the BBC but at the present time I have heard nothing about a DVD!!! But there is a DVD on auction on eBay which is a pirated copy of the black and white original video tapes that went on sale in 1999.

[Late 2004]The DVD's are not genuine but copies of the tapes, but better than nothing!!! There are always videos of the series for sale on eBay, but be careful, some of them are really awful copies and not the original videos!!!

[2006]I hope  to stimulate some more interest in this serial so that more people can access it, and then maybe encourage someone with the original tapes to prodouce a genuine DVD in responce to public demand!! (Or maybe show the serial again on the BBC???!!!)

[2007] A DVD is now available from the original series, so “Goodbye” to those awful copies of the tape version!! My site seems to be generating a lot of interest in the Robinson Crusoe TV series. are now selling DVD's of the series!!! So get your orders in quickly before they run out too!!

[2008] I think the BBC should re-run the series to reach a wider audience for the kids of today!!

[August 2009] The new DVD, it seems, is everywhere, there are plenty of copies on many internet stores!
I have been watching the statistics of my web sites and there is a definite growing interest in my "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe" site. The visitor counter will soon exceed the most popular page on my site.... "International Time Zones", so many thanks to all my visitors for their continuing interest.
Feedback from emails, site statistics, and signings in my Guestbook indicate that many people are still searching for the origins of that haunting theme tune and have stumbled on my own Robinson Crusoe pages by chance, and by using searches at "Google" and "Wikepedia" sites.
I just wonder how many DVD's and CD's my site had encouraged people to buy!!

[January 2010]  I have updated these pages and redesigned the Robinson Crusoe pages, along with other pages on my main web site. I do think now that I can put this page “to bed” after a long journey over many years! Public demand has won the day and I do think that my pages have helped to finally get a DVD on sale! So I doubt if there will be any more updates on this page from now on!

Daniel Defoe and the origins of Robinson Crusoe.
How it all began long ago!

The UK TV series schedule.
First shown in 1965.

The UK TV series credits.
Including a video of the first part of Episode 7 from the BBC TV series.

Introduction on the sleeves
 of the Video's, CD's and DVD's.

The 1990 CD tracks list and credits.
and 30second excerpts from the CD.

The 1997 CD tracks list and credits.
and new sleeve notes.

More Detailed Robinson Crusoe information.
British TV of the sixties,
Robinson Crusoe Island at "Wikipedia",
and the actual book to download or read.
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Ordering Tapes, CD's and now - DVD's.
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Picture Gallery.
With some unseen colour pictures from the series.

Stories and photos from actors on the set of
“The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe”

BBC Radio 4 Programme: 20th January 2011
“Robinson Crusoe: Rescued Again”

Robert Hoffman today,
and links to Interviews and other related information.

Are you haunted by that Theme Tune?

Archaeological digs on Robinson Crusoe Island.

Comments from my Guestbook

The NEW 7” vinyl single Limited Edition - November 2011

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