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“The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe”


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1.Opening titles. [0.25]

2.Main theme. [2.14]

    3.Friday. [1.55]

4.Crusoe's youth remembered. [1.10]

5.Away from home. [2.11]

6.Adrift. [2.11]

7.Solitude. [2.24]

8.The shelter. [1.56]

9.Scanning the horizon / Flashback - escapades in York. [1.28]

10.Cannibals. [2.29]

11.Wild goats. [2.22]

12.Palm Trees. [0.55]

13.In search of rescue. [1.44]

14.A civilised man. [2.02]

15.Distant shores. [0.32]

16.Alone. [2.54]

17.Catching dinner. [1.47]

18."Poor Robinson". [1.58]

19.Danger! [1.54]

20.Closing titles. [0.46]

From 1990 CD sleeve notes.....

The BBC lost the prints of this classic series. (They were literally dumped in a skip!!) How many other great programmes of the past have suffered the same fate? Luckily the last remaining English prints turned up in a French film archive some years after the last showing on UK TV, and so, no thanks to old Auntie Beeb!

This cosmopolitan production was made in 1964. Shot in B&W in the Canary Islands and orginally in French starring handsome Austrian actor Robert Hoffman as Robinson. The series was ultimately dubbed into English, with the narrative spoken by a North American, as the voice of Robinson. "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe" was purchased by the BBC and received its first screening in around 1965. Every year onwards until the mid-Seventies, the series was part of a staple TV diet for millions of British schoolkids, throughout the summer holidays. It was still shown sporadically at odd times of the day by the BBC up to about 1982, when they finally dumped it, literally I'm afraid!

The haunting musical score by Robert Mellin and Gian-Pero Reverberi is one of the best ever heard. Particularly, bearing in mind the production was not high budget. Many modern performers including The Art of Noise, have re-created the main theme in their own styles. The original music is still available to buy in its own right on CD, (check Silva Screen Records: See the index below). I recommend it strongly.

As for seeing series again on video, it brings back many happy memories of my childhood. The series actually stands the test of time pretty well, of course, helped by the music! OK, the lip movements of the actors don't exactly fit the new English/American voices, but what the hell, this was 1964, no multi-millions of budget here. So ignore those little faults, and lose yourself in nostalgia, and a genuinely excellent dramatization of Defoe's great story of beating adversity. (2006) Check with Amazon, or eBay, but I do know that the video is out of print now. (See the index below)

By the way, did the end of the final episode make you cry? I bet!!

Click here for 30second excerpts from the CD


The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.

Executive producer for Silva Screen Records Ltd: Reynold da Silva.
Album release supervised by David Stoner and James Fitzpatrick.
Consultant to Sila Screen Records: Jonathon Staines / Big Moose Enterprises.
Album compiled and mastered at Copymasters, London.
Layout design and artwork: The One Hand Clapping Company / Stephen Pettman.
Ornamental headpieces are exact facsimilies of those used in the first edition of Robinson Crusoe, 1719.
Line illustrations from the 1904 edition.
Stills © Franco London Films.
Music published by Franco London Music.
Published 1963 Robert Mellin.
© 1990 Silva Screen Records Ltd.
Thanks are due to the following people who have helped in the preparartion of this album..
Robert Mellin, Dave Read, Mike Preston, Margaret Kirby, Andy Marriott, Maggy Kent.

click here for my own arrangement
of the opening and closing titles played by keyboard and guitars. [672K]
(Are there any budding musicians out there who would like to orchestrate it?)
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Picture Gallery.
With some unseen colour pictures from the series.

Stories and photos from actors on the set of
“The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe”

BBC Radio 4 Programme: 20th January 2011
“Robinson Crusoe: Rescued Again”

Robert Hoffman today,
and links to Interviews and other related information.

Are you haunted by that Theme Tune?

Archaeological digs on Robinson Crusoe Island.

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The NEW 7” vinyl single Limited Edition - November 2011

Research, letters and e-mails,
in my long quest to find that Theme Tune!
Daniel Defoe and the origins of Robinson Crusoe.
How it all began long ago!

The UK TV series schedule.
First shown in 1965.

The UK TV series credits.
Including a video of the first part of Episode 7 from the BBC TV series.

Introduction on the sleeves
 of the Video's, CD's and DVD's.

The 1990 CD tracks list and credits.
and 30second excerpts from the CD.

The 1997 CD tracks list and credits.
and new sleeve notes.

More Detailed Robinson Crusoe information.
British TV of the sixties,
Robinson Crusoe Island at "Wikipedia",
and the actual book to download or read.
Visit my "Pure Nostalgia" page for other TV series.
A "MUST" for UK visitors!
Includes many video clips from well-known and famous series from the BBC.

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