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Part 1. [First shown Tues. 12th. October 1965 on BBC 1 at 5pm.]

Whilst travelling on a ship form Brazil to Africa, a violent storm casts Robinson onto a desert island off the coast of South America. He spends his solitude in remembering his youthful escapades in York.

Part 2. [Shown 19th. October 1965.]

Alone on his island, Robinson solves the problem of food and meets his first companion.

Part 3. [Shown 26th. October 1965.]

Robinson remembers the day he left home and travelled to Hull to seek a ship.

Part 4. [Shown 2nd November 1965.]

Robinson brings ashore all he can salvage from the wreck of the "Esmerelda".

Part 5. [Shown 9th. November 1965.]

In the intervals of building a shelter and making furniture, Robinson recalls how he was assumed to be dead by his friends and was sold into slavery.

Part 6. [Shown 16th. November 1965.]

Robinson with fire in his hut and begins to make a canoe.

Part 7. [Shown 23rd. November 1965.]

Robinson relates how he came to be involved in the wreck of the "Esmerelda".

Part 8. [Shown 30th. November 1965.]

Robinson discovers an abandoned ship and pirate's treasure hoard.

Part 9. [Shown 7th. December 1965.]

Having drifted with the pirate ship Robinson lands on another deserted shore.

Part 10. [Shown 14th. December 1965.]

Robinson encounters the cannibals and rescues Friday.

Part 11. [Shown 21st. December 1965.]

Robinson tries to teach Friday how to become civilised but Friday runs away.

Part 12. [Shown 28th. December 1965.]

Friday returns and other unwelcome visitors arrive on the island.

Part 13. [Shown 30th. December 1965.]

Friday and Robinson come to terms with the mutineers.

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