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(Approximately one hour.)

The route details: (Approx. one hour.)

Start outside “The Bell”, Old Church Road, Harborne, B17 OBB. Parking is available on the car park or surrounding roads. The walk also ends here with lunch or an evening meal depending when you started the walk! No special footwear is needed for this walk. The walk begins by walking to the right of “The Bell”, towards St. Peter’s Church and turning slightly to the right through an archway in an enclosed corridor which joins the Church to its Church Hall. After a few yards turn right and take the footpath down the hill through the old churchyard, and past Harborne Golf Course which is on the right. Continue following the path and you pass by some houses (Arless Way) and out on to Quinton Road. Turn Right here and go a few yards to Northfield Road. Turn left here and follow Northfield Road to the start of Stonehouse Hill where you will see the Bourne Brook Walkway clearly signposted. Follow this path and you will probably see the new QE Hospital in the distance. Towards the end of this footpath you will see the “Shell” garage where the exit to the footpath is. Just before the garage on the right is the Watermill J & I School. Exit at the garage and turn left up Harborne Lane, past a row of shops, and up Harborne Park Road, passing Grove Park, and on to Church Road. Passing Harborne Hall go through the archway to the graveyard and follow the path past St. Peter’s Church and back to “The Bell” where you started. (Click here to print out the map and route details leaflet.)
If you would like to find out more about the Bourne Brook Walkway, St. Peter’s Church, Grove Park, Harborne Hall,  
                                and see some photos of the walk and these places, then please click HERE for Part 2.

If you do complete this walk do please tell them at “The Bell” about this web page! Thank you.

Starting point: Harborne, “The Bell”....(route details below.)

“The Bell” occupies a pleasant site, almost semi-rural in character, tucked away on Old Church Road; a lovely pub tucked away down a leafy lane off the A4040 Harborne Park Road in the Harborne area of Birmingham, with the sandstone tower of St. Peter’s Church as a backdrop, and Victorian houses nearby. It is Harborne’s oldest pub, at least 330 years old; fortunately it looks very much the same today, except that its windows have acquired some kitsch bull’s-eye glass. It is also the only pub in the UK to have licensed premises on Church property.  There is also the feel of a traditional local pub, attracting a chatty local clientele, as well as a feeling that perhaps you are in a village far away from the City. In actual fact you are about 4 miles from the hustle and bustle of the centre of Britain’s second city!

Originally a farmhouse the pub became an old coaching inn and has been there for over 300 years.The pictures show the front of the pub with St. Peter’s Church behind to the right. When entering the pub there is a room to the left, a large comfortable lounge to the right and another small room on the left towards the rear of the pub. Unusually the bar is situated in the hallway of the pub which does cause access problems during busy evening when the queue to the bar blocks the corridor hallway. However, don’t let that put you off the pub. They also have their own “L-shaped” Bowling Green out side the pub with seating to one side with tall gas burners to keep you warm as the temperature drops during the evenings. It is the perfect place for an evening drink if you’re in the area. Click the photos to find out more information about food and drinks, and the many events at the pub.

If you would like to take part in any other walks in Harborne there is a booklet available from the Harborne Library (opposite Waitrose), High Street, Harborne, - “5 Walks in Harborne” published by the “Harborne Society” for £2.50.

Click the centre of the video below to hear a Peal of Bells from St. Peter’s Church next door to “The Bell”.

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