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A Tribute to”Boots”.

                     24th April 1999


                   29th March 2016

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Boots was born on 24th February 1999 and had two sisters whom I eventually gave away. I kept Boots because he was the first to open his eyes, first to eat solid food and was always meowing when I was around. Even in those days he followed me everywhere, always wanting to know where I was. He grew up into a big black fluffy cat, fluffy like his two sisters too but they were definately tabby like their mother Symba. Boots’s dad was, I think, a big black fluffy cat that lived over the back of my garden and visited the garden sometimes - hence the reason he got to Symba before I could get her ‘done’!

I'll probably get over the upset of losing Boots in time, but I'll never ever forget him and have lots of photos, some very recent; but the house, and the garden, just doesn't seem the same without him. Even though I still have Symba and Sacha and though both very loveable cats, they are not the same characters. Boots always seemed to be there for me, always following me around; I was so lucky to have had a cat like him. Since my wife left all those years ago Boots became more than just a best friend, maybe he could sense that loss!

But Boots is now in the garden he loved so much, with Tasha, surrounded by a circle of snowdrops and mini daffodils and I'm sure that he's up there somewhere waiting for me one day.

Boots is at peace now, old age had suddenly crept upon him after 17 years, and I’m so glad to have been his companion during his time here. Goodbye, Boots, I love and miss you, and I’ll never forget such a wonderful and loveable friend. God bless.

Boots loved playing in the garden, chasing a piece of string with my other cats, Symba and Tasha. Boots loved the garden and in the summer was always out there sunbathing on the lawn but under a bush all day during the hotter days!! Often after breakfast he would sit on the patio, soaking up the sun or sniffing the air before deciding what to do for the rest of the day. After Tasha died his best friend was Sacha who often played with him by rolling over at his side then grabbing his neck!!

And like most cats he also liked his home comforts and would often sleep at my side during the evenings, especially during the winter. During his last few years he was always in this favourite spot most of the day.

We seemed to understand each other such a lot, and now I do miss him so much;

life doesn’t seem the same without him, a spark has gone from my life!

His medical problems last October were a 'wake-up' call and whilst I was prepared and expecting it, it was a shock to realise the end was so near, but I was grateful to have had him around for a little longer and over Christmas. It was heartbreaking when I realised that the end was so near, it came so quickly, and his last day was the the most traumatic day of my life, like it was when Tasha went; and I was devastated to lose him, he meant so much to me, and I didn’t want see him so weak and pitifully fading away. He had a liver malfunction that caused him to lose weight until he was almost just skin and bones; but despite that he survived and pulled through a build-up of fluid around his stomach, jaundice, and  a gall bladder infection - he wasn’t going to go that easily!! But then at the end he was too weak to jump up onto the sofa, so I knew it was time to say goodbye.


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Boots, a few months old, with his sisters.

Symba, Tasha and Boots in the Spring garden quite a few years ago.

“Pets love us unconditionaly, warming our lives with companionship and affection. Such a special pet will never be forgotten...”  

Carol Maden.

“The love of humans for cats is as strong as the love of humans for other humans.

Sometimes stronger. For despite the gulf between our species, it is a relationship

of two equal personalities - if one assumes that human beings are equal to cats,

that is. Not all cats do. Some of them make it clear that in their eyes humans are

simply charming household pets.”

Celia Haddon, from “The Love of Cats.”

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Boots, a few months old, on the patio.

Boots with his best friend Tasha in the Spring garden.

Boots’s favourite sunbathing spot!

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