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A Tribute to Tasha

                  11th April 1996


                2nd February 2011

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Tasha wasn’t just “another cat”, nor was she just “any old cat” - Tasha was one very special cat; the most wonderful, loveable, loving and affectionate cat that anyone could ever wish to have!

I was so lucky to have had a cat like her and I’m so glad to have been her companion during her time here. It seemed that we were on the same wavelength, we just seemed to have a special bond; and I was heartbroken when she finally went, my best friend, who I had to take to the Vet to end her illness!!

We had Tasha as a kitten about nine months before my wife left (it's almost 14 years now!)  and since then Tasha was always there for me; she knew the sound of the car in the drive, or the sound of the front door keys in the lock and was always there at the front door with a little “meow”; unless she was in the garden in the Summer; then she would come running whenever she saw or heard me coming into the garden. She never travelled far, like my other two cats, but was always around the garden or the house. She was such a fusspot!

I'll probably get over the upset of losing Tasha in time, but I'll never ever forget her and have lots of photos, some very recent; but the house, and the garden, just doesn't seem the same without her. Even though I still have Boots and Symba, and though both very loveable cats, they are not the same characters. Tasha always seemed to be there for me, a scamp, a fusspot, a wonderful, affectionate, loveable and loving cat; I was so lucky to have had a cat like her. Since my wife left all those years ago Tasha became more than just a best friend, maybe she could sense that loss!

But Tasha is now in the garden she loved so much, surrounded by a circle of snowdrops and mini daffodils and I'm sure that she's up there somewhere waiting for me one day.

Tasha is at peace now, old age had suddenly crept upon her, and I’m so glad to have been her companion during her time here. Goodbye, Tasha, I love you, and I’ll never forget such a wonderful and loveable friend. God bless.

She loved playing in the garden, chasing a piece of string with my other cats, Boots

and Symba, and would often just jump up vertically into the air before landing on the string! She loved the garden and in the summer was always out there sunbathing on the lawn but under a bush all day during the hotter days!! Often after breakfast she would sit with my other cat Boots on the patio, soaking up the sun or sniffing the air before deciding what to do for the rest of the day. I can tell now that Boots misses her too, he seems restless, wondering where she is: he sits out on the patio looking around as if to say “Well, where is she?”

When I had a shave or a shower she always pushed the door open and was waiting to be picked up and have a fuss made of her afterwards, as I walked through the house! She sometimes slept on the bed and often curled up beside me at the top of the duvet purring away so much it was difficult sometimes to get to sleep. She just loved being carried around the house with her two front paws on my shoulder - I’m sure she would have fallen asleep there if I had let her! She did often sleep in my arms though whilst I was watching TV! She also learned how to navigate around the computer keyboard and curl up near the edge of the table, or just jump over to the window sill and fall asleep in the sun after watching the birds in the garden and on the bird table.

Whenever I was cooking in the kitchen she was there, looking for scraps or tit-bits, fussing around my feet, for she just loved little bits of bacon, loved cheese, and licking the yoghurt off my spoon as I finished off the pot. Often all three of my cats would sit around the table when I was having my dinner, hoping for little bits to guzzle up! Despite having two other cats Tasha always seemed to be around the house and garden and as long as she knew where I was then she seemed OK just to get on with her life! But most of all she was a real fusspot, often wanting to be picked up just for a cuddle and a bit of fuss; or just to be held whilst she looked out of the kitchen window on a wet and rainy day.

And like most cats she also liked her home comforts and would often sleep at my side during the evenings, especially during the winter.

We seemed to understand each other such a lot, and now I do miss her so much;

life doesn’t seem the same without her, a spark has gone from my life!

Her medical problems last December were a 'wake-up' call and whilst I was prepared and expecting it, it was a shock to realise the end was near last week, but I was grateful to have had her around for a little longer and over Christmas. It was heartbreaking when I realised that the end was so near, it came so quickly, and her last day was the the most traumatic day of my life; and I was devastated to lose her, she meant so much to me, and I didn’t want see her so weak and pitifully fading away.

Tasha was scamp at times too, sometimes sleeping on top of the drying frame of washing, or trying to get into cupboards and drawers as I opened them!!


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Tasha’s resting place, surrounded by snowdrops and mini daffodils.

                                                     2nd. February 2011

Symba, Tasha and Boots in the Spring garden.

“Pets love us unconditionaly, warming our lives with companionship and affection. Such a special pet will never be forgotten...”  

Carol Maden.

“The love of humans for cats is as strong as the love of humans for other humans.

Sometimes stronger. For despite the gulf between our species, it is a relationship

of two equal personalities - if one assumes that human beings are equal to cats,

that is. Not all cats do. Some of them make it clear that in their eyes humans are

simply charming household pets.”

Celia Haddon, from “The Love of Cats.”

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21st March 2011

2nd. February 2011


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