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"Time is something that you cannot save,
you must use it or waste it as it comes along."


No-one can really imagine what time is like. If God created the world at one second past midnight on the morning of January 1st. then the whole of our life would be represented by one-hundredth of a second and today's date would be 31st. December at approximately 11.45 in the evening! And at that reckoning we would still have a few million years to go to reach midnight!

So time is difficult to understand. When did it start? When will time finish? It makes us feel very small indeed when we think that our life on the time-line above lasts for only one hundredth of a second!! We are just a spec on the horizon of time. There is an old latin saying, "Tempus Fugit" - time flies, and another - "Time waits for no man", and "Time goes on forever." Time is something that you cannot save, you must use it or waste it as it comes along.

It seems such a long time since we were born and were little children. Our lives in the future seem to have a long time to go on; and yet our life on the time-line is only one-hundredth of a second!! What have we done with our time? What are we going to do with the time we have left? We have only ONE time on this planet and we can't come back, turn back the clock, and start all over again.

Yesterday, today was tomorrow. Tomorrow, yesterday was today!! Do we have regrets about the past? Can we plan for the future? Time gives us an experience of the past so we can learn about the future. Time is a continuing experience for us all; we are all growing older with time, and the sort of people that we become...well, only time will tell!!!

This is from an old Irish Folk song:
"For time is such a precious thing,
And time brings all things to my mind,
Time with all its labours, along with all its joys,
Time brings all things to my mind."

An interesting fact: The earth takes 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds to go round the sun.

"Time is something that you cannot save,
you must use it or waste it as it comes along."

1984 David West.

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