(Born 7th March 2011)


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End of July 2012: Somehow Sacha had an accident and got a bad gash in her back leg so it   was clipped with five clips and bandaged for almost a week, then  taken off and left to heal up and dry, hence the collar to  stop her chewing on the clips and removing them too early!

Early August 2012: With the bandage off ,and the would healed up nicely, Sacha was walking with a profound limp and in quite some discomfort. After it was X-rayed we found that the bone below the kneecap was broken, the top part of it had come off, so it had to be pinned back into place. This meant a confinement in the house until the bone had healed, (? six weeks) but Sacha so loves being outside that I had to buy a cat harness to take her walkies in the garden twice a day for exercise and to keep her interest stimulated; but she musn’t do any running or jumping yet!! It’s amazing how she really likes the cat harness and really looks forward to her daily constitution!! She takes me on long walks up and down the garden and loves a bit of sunbathing on the way.

10th September 2012: Sacha was limping more and carrying the leg instead of walking on it as she was doing before, so after an X-ray it was found that one of the two pins in her leg had moved out of position so it had to be removed in another operation. On 15th September  I let her out on her own without the harness and so she had freedom at last, but I do keep her in at night until she has built up her strength again. The stitches were removed on 19th September and she seems to be improving fast now. It’s over nine weeks since her original accident!

14th November 2012: Sach was starting to limp again so after another X-ray it was found that the second pin had moved out of position too, so another operation was needed to remove it.

But as you can see from the photos below she is back to normal now... (January 2013)

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