The Pirates of Penzance 1983.  Gilbert and Sullivan.

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Based on Joseph Papp's smash musical hit stage version of The Pirates of Penzance [1980] on Broadway. Featuring Kevin Kline, Angela Lansbury, Linda Ronstadt, George Rose, Rex Smith, Tony Azito. They all reprised their roles in the film except Estelle Parsons was replaced by Angela Lansbury. Some minor roles used British actors miming to their Broadway counterparts. Filmed at Shepperton Studios, London. The film was also produced by Joseph Papp.

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Frederic (Rex Smith), who has spent his formative years as a junior pirate, plans to mark his 21st birthday by breaking free from the Pirate King (Kevin Kline) and beginning his courtship of Mabel (Linda Ronstadt). But because he was born on Feb. 29, a date that only arrives every fourth year, Frederic isn't technically 21 -- and the Pirate King is still his master. Unless something gives, Frederic will soon be on a collision course with the Pirate King's new nemesis: Mabel's father.

This clip is from the original film presentation by Universal Studios:

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VTAS presentation: The Pirates of Penzance (with Trivia)1983:

“When the Foeman Bares His Steel”

The Cast:

Kevin Kline as The Pirate King

Angela Lansbury as Ruth

Linda Ronstadt as Mabel Stanley

George Rose as Major-General Stanley

Rex Smith as Frederic

Tony Azito as the Police Sergeant

David Hatton as Samuel

Louise Gold as Edith

Teresa Codling as Kate

Tilly Vosburgh as Isabel

Stephen Hanan as Samuel's singing voice

Alexandra Korey as Edith's singing voice

Marcie Shaw as Kate's singing voice




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