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No Charge!

A mother was getting the supper for the family when her son came running in quite excitedly.
He handed her a piece with some writing on it that he had just written out.
His mother took the paper and started reading it.
In large handwriting he had written....

For doing the washing up, £2.00
For making my bed each day, £1.00
For running your errands, £2.00
For doing the vacuuming, £2.00
(By the way, my friends ask for more than this, so it's cheap!!)
For a good report from school this week, £5.00
The gardening I did this week was for £5.00

As she finished reading it he said, "So you can see, Mummy, that you owe me quite a lot of pocket money!"

His mother looked at him standing there quite expectantly as a thousand memories flashed through her mind instantly.
She turned over the sheet of paper and started writing on the back of it.......

For the nine months I carried you inside me, NO CHARGE.
For the nights that I sat with you when you were ill, doctored you, and prayed for you, there is NO CHARGE.
For the time and the tears and the cost through the years, NO CHARGE.
For the times filled with dread, and all the worries ahead, there's NO CHARGE.
For the toys, food and clothes, and for wiping your nose, NO CHARGE.
For the advice and knowledge and the cost of your college, NO CHARGE.
She wrote.... Son, when you add it all up the full cost of my LOVE is: NO CHARGE.

When the son had finished reading what she had written his eyes filled up and he realized one lesson in life...Love bears no price.

But to his mother he said, "I sure do love you Mum, I'm sorry." Then he took the pen and wrote at the bottom of the sheet of paper, "PAID IN FULL."

Author unknown.




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