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I do remember when I was very little and staying with an Aunt for a while and
going to the cake shop in the village and buying some Lardy Cake!!
It was warm and sticky and full of fruit, flavoured with Cinnamon and other spices
and so tasty!! But you don't seem to be able to buy it these days, so I dug out
this old recipe that I had and Hey Presto!! that wonderful cake again!!

"And what's the recipe today, David........."


Half an ounce of Yeast
1 teaspoon of Sugar.
Half a pint of warm Water.
1lb. Plain Flour.
1 teaspoon of Salt.
1 tablespoon of Cooking Oil.
2oz. Lard.
2oz. Butter.
4oz. Currants.
4oz. Caster Sugar.
1 teaspoon of Mixed Spice.
Cooking Oil and Caster Sugar for the glaze.

The amounts, and ingredients, needed will vary according to your taste.

"And this is what you do........."

Cream the Sugar and the Yeast together and blend in the some of the Warm Water. Leave in a warm place until frothy then blend in the remaining Water.

Mix together the Currants, Caster Sugar and the Mixed Spice and set aside.

Mix the Flour and salt together and add in the Yeast and Water mixture. Mix well until it becomes like a dough and then add the Oil. Mix all this for about five minutes until the mixture is like a smooth and elastic dough.

Leave the dough in the bowl and cover it across the top with a clean tea towel and leave in a warm place to prove until it has doubled in size.

Take it out of the bowl and knead it for about ten minutes, then roll it into an oblong about 15" by 7" and half an inch thick. Slice half the Butter and half of the Lard into thin slices and cover only half of the rolled out dough with it.

Cover these slices of Butter and Lard with half of the Currants, pressing them into the slices and the dough. Fold the plain half over to cover all this up.

Fold in half again and form another oblong with a rolling pin. Slice the remaining Butter and Lard into thin slices and cover half of the dough with them. Press the remaining Currants into the slices and dough. Fold over the other plain half of the dough to cover all this up.

Carefully place this dough into a well-greased baking tin and make it fit well into the corners. Cover again with a clean tea towel and leave in a warm place for it to prove until it has doubled and risen in size again. Try not to let the dough go cold when you then quickly brush the top of the dough with some oil and sprinkle some Caster Sugar on the top. If you let it go too cool the dough will sink and will never rise again.

Very quickly place the tin into the middle of a pre-heated oven, Gas mark 6 for 40 to 45 minutes or until the top is a golden brown.

Cool on a wire rack and then cut into square pieces.

The dough could be put into a round baking tin and the top could be scored to show where the slices can be cut!!

Beautifully Yummyl!!

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