“The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe”

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Below is the INDEX with pages including the original 1990 CD booklet text, the film credits, and how you can obtain the audio CD, the DVD, or the recent limited edition vinyl single; also included are the first BBC TV schedules, a picture gallery with pictures of Robert Hoffman; my own research in trying to find that haunting and endearing theme music on the CD; plus many more interesting items including an account of the filming of the series by a film extra together with his own photos!

[February 2010] Feedback from emails, site statistics, and signings in my Guestbook indicate that many people are still searching for the origins of that haunting theme tune and have stumbled on my own Robinson Crusoe pages just by chance; many come from searches at the "Google" and "Yahoo" sites and quite a few from the "Wikepedia" pages, so it proves that the haunting theme tune, and the series, is somewhat fixed in peoples' memories even after all this time! Many visitors do not even know that there are CD’s and DVD’s available now, so my site will help them to relive those halcyon and nostalgic childhood days!! (I just wonder how many Tapes, CD's and DVD's my site had encouraged people to buy over the years, since I first set up these pages, sixteen years ago, in 1995!) I’m glad that I have been able to raise the profile of the series and public awareness of the music being available on CD’s and DVD’s. Like me, all those years ago, their quest is now over!

[11th January 2011] I have been interviewed today for a BBC programme about this series to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Thursday 20th January 2011 at 11.30am. See the INDEX below to hear this programme.

Enjoy these pages, and the music, and I’d love to hear your feedback about your own memories and how you found this web site. Please view or sign my Guestbook at the foot of the page. Many thanks.

The original vynil single

        cover from 1965.

Robert Hoffman. [2004]

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1997 CD cover

1990 CD cover

A programme about this serial was broadcast on BBC Radio 4  at 11.30am on Thursday 20th January 2011.        
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       Stories and photos from    
          actors on the film set! 
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Are you haunted by that Robinson Crusoe theme tune? What memories does it bring back? In this article I suggest that searching for that haunting theme tune over many years can be likened to our searching for times long gone by when life was a lot simpler and less complicated than it is today, even if it was rather harder - just like Robinson Crusoe’s life on that island. It’s not just nostalgia we are after but a better way of life from long gone days; and that wonderful theme tune from “The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe” reminds us just how far modern day technology has removed us from the realities of a simpler, non-technological, life. Maybe that’s why so many people today are continuing to search for that wonderfully endearing and hauntingly popular theme tune. (Click HERE.)http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe13.html
Are you haunted by that theme tune?
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2007 DVD cover

One of the1999 VHS   

  Video Tape covers

Robert Hoffman. [1963]

             PICTURE GALLERY
and Closing Sequence Theme                                   
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(The sequence of releases from                                              1965 to 2011 covers 46 years!)

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The Silva Screen Records website is offering an exclusive limited edition 7” vinyl pressing of the theme tune to the cult 1960’s TV show “The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe” which will be on sale from 28th November 2011. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO PLACE AN ORDER.http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe14.html

(These pages are now 20 years old!!)

Click here for information about archaeological digs on the Robinson Crusoe Islandhttp://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe8A.html
See the index below to order the soundtrack CD 
or the complete film series on DVDhttp://davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe6.html

In 2006 the 4-part German version

was released on DVD by

Concorde Home Entertainment

using restored 35mm prints.

The exclusive Limited Edition 7”vinyl single released by Silva Screen Records, 
28th November 2011http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe14.html

(First broadcast in the USA in 1964; and on BBC TV (UK) in 1965 and repeated until 1981)



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Ordering Tapes, CD's and now - DVD's.
Now you can DOWNLOAD the CD and tracks from here.http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe6.html

Picture Gallery.
With some unseen colour pictures from the series.http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe10.html

Stories and photos from actors on the set of
“The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe”http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe11.html

BBC Radio 4 Programme: 20th January 2011
“Robinson Crusoe: Rescued Again”http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe9A.html

Robert Hoffman today,
and links to Interviews and other related information.http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe9.html

Are you haunted by that Theme Tune?http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe13.html

Archaeological digs on Robinson Crusoe Island.http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe8A.html

Comments from my Guestbookhttp://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe12.html

The NEW 7” vinyl single Limited Edition - November 2011http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe14.html

Research, letters and e-mails,
in my long quest to find that Theme Tune!http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe7.html
Daniel Defoe and the origins of Robinson Crusoe.
How it all began long ago!http://davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe2.html

The UK TV series schedule.
First shown in 1965.http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe3.html

The UK TV series credits and Cast.
Including a video of the first part of Episode 7 from the BBC TV series.http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe5.html

Introduction on the sleeves
 of the Video's, CD's and DVD's.http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe1.html

The 1990 CD tracks list and credits.
and 30second excerpts from the CD.http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe4.html

The 1997 CD tracks list and credits.
and new sleeve notes.http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe4A.html

More Detailed Robinson Crusoe information.
British TV of the sixties,
Robinson Crusoe Island at "Wikipedia",
and the actual book to download or read.http://www.davidsemporium.co.uk/crusoe8.html


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