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You will need.........

Quarter of a pound of Bread Crumbs.

Quarter of a pound of Self Raising Flour.

Quarter of a pound of Suet.

Quarter of a pound of Currants.

Quarter of a pound of Stoned Raisins.

2oz. Mixed Peel.

3oz. moist Sugar.

Half of a Lemon, zest and juice.

2 medium Eggs.

Quarter of a pint of Strong Stout.

One large grated Carrot.

Half of a medium cooking apple, finely chopped.

Quarter of a teaspoon of Mixed Spice.

Quarter of a teaspoon of Ginger.

Quarter of a teaspoon of Nutmeg.

The amounts, and ingredients, needed will vary according to your taste.


Mix all the above ingredients in the above order, and mix all in together very well.

Cover and leave for a few hours for the flavours etc., to mingle and gel.

Divide the above mixture into two and put into greased pudding basins.

Cover each basin with a clean cloth, tie around the neck edge with string. Bring up the four corners and tie over the top with a knot.

Place both basins in a large saucepan of water approx. two thirds of the way up the basins. Simmer for three hours on a low light, making sure that the water does not boil away, so check every half hour.

When cooked remove cloth and leave to cool. When cold cover with greaseproof paper and seal until ready for use in a month or two. When ready to serve on Christmas day simmer for two hours, as above, with the cloth tied on the top. Bring to the table, remove the Holly decoration and sprinkle the pudding with a little Brandy and quickly set it alight before the Brandy soaks into the pudding. Watch the warm blue flame in a darkened room for a few seconds!!! Serve with Brandy Custard.

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This recipe has been handed down through the family generations and makes
two tasty and rich, fruity, Traditional Christmas Puddings.

Follow the instructions carefully for a good old-fashioned Christmas Pudding.




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