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You will need.........

4 medium eggs.
1 medium Onion, finely chopped.
5 fluid ounces Single Cream (150ml.)
1oz. Butter. (25g.)
12oz. chopped Bacon or Ham (350g.)
8oz. grated Cheddar Cheese (225g)
1 crushed Garlic Clove.
Half a teaspoon English Mustard.
Salt and Pepper.
A pinch of crushed chillis if you like them!!
Chopped Parsley and grated cheese for garnish.
Spaghetti for four people.

The amounts, and ingredients, needed will vary according to your taste.


In a bowl beat together the 4 eggs and fresh cream, crushed garlic, mustard and set aside for later.

Start cooking the spaghetti for about 8minutes until tender but not too soft.

In the meantime cook the bacon, or ham, in a frying pan with the finely chopped onions and chillis in a little oil. The bacon can be either crispy or soft.

Into a large pan, or wok, place the drained cooked spaghetti, bacon and onions, and mix and stir well on a low heat for about two minutes.

Turn the heat up only a little and add the beaten eggs and milk etc. and continually stir until the gooey mess seems to settle a bit and the eggs and milk have been absorbed and cooked around the spaghetti.

Now sprinkle and stir in the cheese and add pepper and salt to taste, keep stirring until the cheese has also been absorbed.

The whole mixture should be moist and the spaghetti soft by now.
Serve immediately, with grated cheese on top if desired and maybe some chopped parsley.
Feel free to add some side salad around the plate, cucumber, radishes, tomato and lettuce if you wish.

This dish is very filling and really tasty. Mmmmm!!!

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The Italian woodcutters who used to go up into the mountains to collect firewood
were called Carbonari and this dish was their staple diet with ham and eggs.
I've adapted it slightly to suit myself and it's even more nourishing!!!
I usually make up a "job lot" and put 10oz. portions into my freezer for later!

Follow the instructions carefully for a sumptuous meal for FOUR people!




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