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Birmingham’s Balti Triangle

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and information about the origins of the Balti and the Birmingham Balti Triangle.

Birmingham is world-famous for its "Balti Triangle" in Sparkbrook,
between Highgate and Moseley, just a few minutes from the City Centre.
The focus of this world famous dish remains within the Birmingham Balti Triangle,
where the Balti dish was first discovered in 1976, and where there are to be found
the oldest and best Balti houses in the world!

City Centre

A typical balti dish

Pakistan borders India, China, Afghanistan and Iran, so it's style of cooking has been influenced

by it's neighbours over the centuries. The Moguls spent the hot summer months in the cool

mountains of Kashmir bringing with them many exotic spices. The meat used in a

Balti will probably be Lamb but Prawns or Beef can even be used to good effect.

Meat and vegetables are stir fried along with a sauce made from aromatic herbs

and spices. The meal is normally eaten straight from this dish using your fingers and

a naan bread. To finish the meal try a Kulfi (a type of ice cream).

The Balti dish has swept into the taste buds of the nation by tailoring its appeal for a much wider clientele. Fortunately, the focus of this world famous dish remains within the Birmingham Balti Triangle where there are the oldest and best Balti houses in the World!! Word of this wonderful, utensil-less cooked, Balti began to spread through the rest of the UK and elsewhere, with the result that the Balti is rapidly turning into one of the "hottest" things in the world of food today. And it all started in.....
Birmingham's Balti Triangle.
DOWNLOAD the 25 page "Balti Triangle Essential Guide" in .pdf format. (5.1Mb.)
Produced by "Marketing Birmingham" and "Birmingham City Council".
DOWNLOAD the 48page "Your Essential Guide - The Balti Triangle - Birmingham" in .pdf format. (4.1Mb.)
Issued by "Birmingham City Council".
DOWNLOAD the 2 page, wide screen, "The Balti Triangle - the essential guide" in .pdf format. (1.6Mb.)
Issued by "" © Andrew Munro.
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Balti Restaurants in the UK
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Balti Triangle

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