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Time To Stop And Think!!

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  1. "Thought For Today". ....from "The Daily Motivator" by Ralph S. Marston Jnr.

    Christmas Specials: (Videos, Slideshows, Stories and Verses.)

  2. "Thought For Advent"....based on the Gospel of St. John. (Slideshow)
  3. "O Holy Night"..... sung by the choir of St. Brendan's Primary School in Motherwell, Lanarkshire. You MUST see and hear this beautifull Christmas song/carol!
  4. "O Holy Night"..... sung by Jackie Evancho, America's childhood sweetheart!. You MUST see and hear this beautifull Christmas song/carol too!
  5. "The 7 O'clock News/Silent Night"..... by Simon and Garfunkel, 1968. (My own 2018 slideshow presentation.) "Silent Night" Christmas Carol with sad 1966 news reports in the background.
  6. "Silent Night with the News from 2017". This is an interesting modern version of the above. (Video.)
    "Silent Night" Christmas Carol with sad 2017 news reports.
  7. "Happy Christmas - War Is Over" - John Lennon. ("YouTube" Video)....A poignant reminder that war is not over; and also some thoughts on peace at Christmas - and during the rest of the year!
  8. "Christmas In The Trenches - 1914"....A scenario and Press Cutting. This is a true story from WW1.
  9. Calvin And Hobbes At Christmas...A series of seven cartoons about the (real) meaning of Christmas!
  10. An interesting "Thought For Christmas"....What? No presents?!!
  11. "Every day should be Christmas Day".... a short but obvious poem.
  12. "A Christmas Letter" ....From Jesus; including his "Wish List" for you in our politically correct world!
  13. 1 Corinthians 13 - The Christmas Version...."Love Is......"
  14. "The Christmas Busker"...About a lonely man singing a seasonal song.
  15. "The Story Of Christmas"...from the Gospel of St. Luke.
  16. "This is a CHRISTmas Tree!"...This is all about what a Christmas Tree is NOT!!

    My Own Slideshow Presentations:

  17. "Thought For Food"....there is enough FOOD in the world for everyone!
    (Also, look at the "Stone Soup" story below in "Short Stories To Think About" which has a similar theme.)

  18. "Turn, Turn, Turn, To Everything There Is A Season."....Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, life is seasonal.
  19. "Time Flies!"....what is time? What do we do with the time we have? There are many questions to answer in
    this presentation and it sets out the prospect of stopping to think at some point in time each day!

  20. "Aren't We Lucky!!"....about the disadvantaged in the world.
  21. "Job Vacancy"....for a "Good Samaritan". Could YOU fill this Job desription? (This presentation features a "sing-along" at the end!)
  22. "A Letter From Heaven".... a loved one in heaven writes home.
  23. "Hold On!!"....Fed up? Being bullied? Worried? Can't cope? Problems? Difficulties? Miserable?
    Hopefully this video will help you out of the situation. Hold on!! Hold on!!

  24. "You Are Special"....about why YOU are so special!
  25. "And They Said It Shouldn't Happen Again"....about Refugees, Genocide, Starvation, and Wars.
  26. "Who Hates The Household Chores?"....We are lucky to have chores to do!!
  27. What is the Holocaust all about and what happened?....We must never forget.
  28. "Thought For Advent"....based on the Gospel of St. John.
  29. "The 7 O'clock News/Silent Night"..... by Simon and Garfunkel, 1968."Silent Night" Christmas Carol with sad 1966 news reports in the background.

    Other Slideshow Presentations:

  30. "Turn, Turn, Turn." By "The Byrds." - 1965. (To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn!)....Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, life is seasonal.
  31. "How Great Thou Art"....a truly amazing and popular hymn. This version is truly inspiring!
  32. "The Father's Love Letter"....His letter to you, He knows all about you! You MUST see this video!
  33. "The Dash"....by Linda Ellis. From birth to death, is life just a dash?
  34. "The Life Train" ....Life is like a train ride. (Powerpoint presentation).
  35. "Be Someone!"....The values that enable you to be someone truly special.
  36. "Great Quotes from Great Leaders"....Important sayings from famous people.
  37. "A Parents' Wish" .... about Dementia and Old Age.
  38. "Right Now"....Love, goodness and joy in the world.
  39. "The Wonder Of It All"....There is so much beauty in the world.
  40. "Your Own Goodness"....A Peaceful Meditation on the Goodness of Life.
  41. "Life With Vision. "....Always Look Forward in Your Life.

    Video Presentations:

  42. "The Father's Love Letter."....God loves YOU and this excellent video is His letter to you. An amazing video!
  43. "Gregorian Chant"....by the monks of Pluscarden Abbey, Moray, Scottish Highlands.
  44. "Life Insurance - Believe in Good."....there is so much goodness everwhere!
  45. "Amazing Grace"....written by a slave trader, this is one of the best versions!
  46. "The Four Candles"....Hope can overcome everything.
  47. "You Raise Me Up."An amazing rendition of this beautiful hymn.
  48. "The Plastics Problem".....A video, and facts and figures about Plastic Bottles, and declining numbers of seabirds.
  49. "The Story Of The Poppy For Remembrance Sunday".....November 11th: Why wear poppies? What do they represent? Also includes "What caused the War?", "Life in the Trenches", Casualties of WW1, Passchendaele Cemetry - the largest in the World, and links including to the The British Legion.
  50. Fogel Weiss was an Auschwitz survivor....see her story here. We must never forget.


  51. Photo by Luc Delahaye taken in Bosnia, ....and some thoughts about it.
  52. "One Man And His Dog".....Some important questions need asking about this poignant photo!
  53. "Three Things In Life".....The most important things in life.
  54. International Holocaust Memorial Day - 27th January.....We must never forget.
  55. Two tough questions for you to answer and think about. (Not suitable for younger children)
  56. "The Parable of the Pencils".....Do you meet the expectations of the Pencil Maker?
  57. Christmas In The Trenches - 1914.....A true story about the unofficial truce at Christmas in 1914 during WW1.
  58. "The Story Of The Iron"....How my search for an iron led me to meet some complete strangers; but with unexpected results!
  59. Job Vacancy.....for a Good Samaritan. Can you fill this Job Description?

    Short Stories To Think About:

    Authors unknown, unless otherwise stated. Most recent additions are at the end of the list.

  60. The Story Of The Rainbow.....All the colours have a special role to play in living together in peace.
  61. The Hospital Window.....Making others happy is a great gift.
  62. The Wooden Bowl.....Learn to tolerate the faults of others.
  63. The Two Pots.....Just take people for who they are.
  64. The Teacher.....A teacher realises to teach children and not just the subject.
  65. The Emporer's Seeds.....What you plant now will determine what you will reap tomorrow.
  66. The Richest Man in the Valley.....What are the real riches of life?
  67. The Missing Piece......We are more whole when we are incomplete.
  68. Butterfly Kisses.....We often learn the most from our children.
  69. The Rich Man's Wish.....Stop thinking of ourselves and our wishes will come true.
  70. Nobody Is A Nobody.....Use your talents and abilities to the full. A true story about Charles Schulz of 'Charlie Brown' and 'Peanuts" fame! How he made it good from very humble beginnings.
  71. The Diamond Necklace.....Can we achieve happiness in a material world?
  72. The Measure of Life.....Don't judge a person by one particular gift.
  73. Life's Fragments.....Don't be too ready to draw conclusions about life, God knows best!
  74. The Shadow on the Wall.....Do we have the time to get "saved" before our time comes up?
  75. The Dead Duck.....Whatever your past, God saw it and will forgive you.
  76. In My Father's Eyes.....Someone, somewhere, cares for you!
  77. The Carpenter.....Don't cheat on yourself, you may live to regret it.
  78. Our Deepest Fear.....Let our own light shine to liberate others. By Nelson Mandella.
  79. The Missing Camel.....Don't be selfish, share things and then you can solve the problems.
  80. Stone Soup.....When each of us contribute only a little we can feed the whole world village!!
  81. The Darts Test....."In as much as you have done it unto the least of my brethren, you have done it unto me." (Matthew 25:40)
  82. The Ones Who Made A Difference.....The people who make a difference in your life are not always the ones with the most credentials.
  83. 1000 Saturdays.....Every day is a bonus, and so be thankful for each day.
  84. The Three Trees and God's Plan.....Each of the trees got what they wanted but just not in the way that they had imagined.
  85. The Glass Of Water......Never be afraid to ask for help if you have a problem.
  86. The Pack Of Cards....."Sir, I was not really playing cards during the Church Service."
  87. Instuctions For Life.....by the Dalai Lama, 2000.
  88. Installation Of The Heart Drive.....A guide for a good life - in 'computer-speak'!
  89. Time To Stop And Think.....We must never forget that we have been given time, time to stop and think.
  90. The Chosen Vessel.....Humility is a wonderful thing - just spread it around!
  91. Keeping Friends.....The best way to treat your friends, and make many more!
  92. The Sacrifice....A chinese story that somehow seems to have a familiar theme to it!
  93. Time Flies!!....."Time is something that you cannot save, you must use it or waste it as it comes along."
  94. "Undiscovered".....A newspaper report about a woman who lay dead for two years with the TV still on!
  95. The Son.....An unusual setting, an auction of paintings, to explain the theme of Easter.
  96. An Old Lady's Poem.....Remember this poem when you next meet an old person who you might brush aside without looking at the young soul within...we will one day be there, too!
  97. Stay In Love.....All about Sacrifice, Love and Communication.
  98. TheJourney Of Our Life.....Life is fragile, life is short: do not take life for granted.
  99. God And St. Francis.....An interesting converstion between God and St. Francis about gardens and nature!
  100. But What Then, Senor?.....For people who love their jobs more than their lives.
  101. Thank You For The Chores, Lord!.....Who hates the chores? At least we chores to do - many people don't!
  102. The Big Rocks.....What are the 'big rocks' in my life? Put those in your jar first.
  103. "Life Is.......".....This is something that Mother Teresa said before her death which is very thought provoking and inspiring.
  104. A Cat Called "Ugly".....A true story about a down and out, injured, and very ugly cat; and how he changed someones' life!
  105. Be Thankful For What You Have....."Even though I grumble and bemoan my fate I thank you, Lord, for my life."
  106. Rose's Pearls Of Wisdom.....Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.
  107. The Story Of "The Praying Hands" picture.....No-one knows if this story is true but it could well be!
  108. The King's Highway....."For he who travels the road best is the one who makes the road better for those who will follow."
  109. The Picture Of Peace.....Peace means to be in the midst of all the noisy world and still be calm in your heart.
  110. "The Nurses Story" or "How To Dance In The Rain.".....The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.
  111. Love Is A Dog Called "Lucky".....Live everyday to the fullest...because every day is a blessing from God!
  112. The World As A Global Village.....The need for acceptance, understanding and education becomes glaringly apparent.
  113. Heaven Is Sharing Your Spoon.....How often do we only think of ourselves and not of others?
  114. The Poor Farmer....."The quality of your life is often measured by what you don't have rather than what you do have!"
  115. The Right Attitude......Attitude is everything. Be positive!! Be thankful for the little that you have.
  116. "No Charge!".....Realize one lesson in life...Love bears no price.
  117. One Solitary Life.....The solitary life of this one man has affected the life of all mankind forever!

    Verses And Poems To Think About:
    Authors Unknown, Unless Otherwise Stated. Most recent additions are at the end of the list.

  118. One Thing Can Always Cheer Me......is the thought that God is near me and caring for me so.
  119. Slow Down!! .....This was written by a young girl suffering from terminal cancer.
  120. You Are Special.....In all the world there is nobody like you!
  121. Wings Of Prayer....."The burdens that seem so heavy to bear, are lifted away on wings of prayer."
  122. "Life Is.....".....This is something that Mother Teresa said before her death which is very thought provoking and inspiring.
  123. Salutation Of The Dawn.....Look to this day, for it is life, the very life of life.
  124. People.....'Life' is between you and God, and not what other people do to you!
  125. The Blessing.....Don't miss out on God's blessing because it wasn't packaged the way that you expected it to be.
  126. Recipe For Kindness.....This recipe is for the whole wide world, for everyone to make; just get it all together, and cook for God's own sake!
  127. Healed And Whole.....Each day I give my hurts to God, instead of burying them again.
  128. The Rosebud.....I'll trust God to unfold the moments in my life, just as He unfolds the rose petals.
  129. I Believe.....Of all God's gifts Love is still the greatest gift of all.
  130. Someone Somewhere.....is really out there thinking of you!
  131. O God, You Search Me....."For you created me and shaped me and gave me life."
  132. To My Best Friend....."If you need a helping hand, I'm always there for you!"
  133. It Only Takes A Minute....."It only takes a minute to..........."
  134. Life Is A Journey.....to the Father's house, a gateway to a better place.
  135. I Need A Hug.....We all need a hug at some times in our life.
  136. Take Time.....Take time out to do so many important things in life!
  137. This Candle, Lord,..... reminds us that you are the light of the world.
  138. 17th. Century Nun's Prayer....."Give me the ability to see good things in unexpected places and talents in unexpected people."
  139. Drinking From My Saucer....."I'm drinking from my saucer, for my cup has overflowed."
  140. Footprints In The Sand.....God is always there to help us, even when we don't think so!
  141. As I Live Each Day....."...may I do my part, to make one difference, to touch one heart."
  142. Remember.....Some facets of life that are really worth remembering.
  143. Lord Of The Morning.....What is the meaning of my life?
  144. A Time For Everything.....Life is seasonal. From Ecclesiastes 3.
  145. I'm Only A Whisper Away.....Don't worry when I've gone, I'm only a whisper away.
  146. Lord Guide me....."Help me, Lord, that I should know, the way you would have me to go."
  147. Quietly In The Morning.....As I see the wonder of creation I ask God to guide me, in everything I have to do.
  148. "I May Never See Tomorrow"......Thanking God for today because I may never see tomorrow.

    Interesting and Relevant Links:

  149. "Make a Difference" with www.care2.com....Save this planet earth; an amazing site with everything environmental, from food to resources, from animals to plants, etc., you MUST visit this site!!!
  150. "The Daily Motivator".....An excellent site where some of the above presentations come from.
  151. "The Father's Love Letter.com".....An Excellent site with free streaming videos.

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