Birmingham UK City Centre Skyline

      The Bourne Brook Walkway - a local walk.
Birmingham City      
    Centre 1964
Find the time anywhere in the world! 
        Also Time Zones, Maps and Codes, 
       major cities  and GMT comparisons.
Includes UK and European time zones etc.
Index page of Optical Illusions, games,  
       puzzles, quizes, jokes, novelties,  
        factoids and humorous stories.
 Margarine or Butter? 
   See more info here.
My garden through the seasons.   
      Click here for more photos.
“Something to think about.” A collection of stories, verses, presentations and videos suitable for schools, or  just for browsing by yourself!  (No. 1 most popular page here.)
Birmingham is world famous for its “Balti Triangle”, just a few minutes from the City Centre. Recipes, maps, and brochures can be downloaded from here.
“The Hurling Boys”. Birmingham's most popular four-piece multi-instrumental acoustic Irish folk band, playing all over the UK for weddings, parties, functions, and Irish nights. Click here for their web site.
“The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe” first shown in UK in  the summer of 1965, and repeated in the 1970’s. All you ever wanted to know about the series is here!
All my cats over the years are here in the garden and over the house, Tasha, Symba, Boots and Sacha. Memorials and Tributes are here too, as well as videos.
San Gimignano in Tuscany, Italy, is an amazing place to visit and stay. Also included is Sienna, Assisi and Lecetto.
These are some holiday photos and videos.
Video clips of some of the best BBC TV programmes from pop to classical and opera and the BBC TV Proms. Includes a girls choir at the Turin Winter Olympics 2006.
Video clips of some of the best BBC TV series including the last public performance of ABBA - “I Have a Dream”; Robin Hood, Blue Peter, Thorn Birds, Grange Hill and many more!
   Those famous TV trailers and adverts.
 LIVE Panda cam -  San Diego Zoo
World and Local Weather, and World Wide Emergency Information: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods, Biohazards, Fires, Accidents, etc. Also Earthquake Survival Techniques.
International                       Time Zones
 The Interesting 
Story of the Iron!
“The Extra Camel”, a puzzling story.
St. Mary’s RC Church, Harborne.
My favourite recipes includes sweets, soups, puddings, main meals, drinks, savouries, jams, and wine-making!  Two months before Christmas make the puddings, cake, and mincemeat to my Gran’s traditional recipes.
Birmingham City      
    Centre 2017
The Damning Facts  
     About Plastics
Coke ?
Click the cat for a pleasant surprise!
Internet Security and Email scams.
“Spaghetti Junction”

This site comes to you from Harborne, Birmingham, UK, and has been online  since October 1995 - that’s 26 years!

         The new Q.E. Hospital, Harborne.

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